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Skills to create the brands of tomorrow.

Logo & Visual identity
From your logo to your online presence, a strong visual branding identity reflects who you are, signals your line of work and implies why it's worth contacting you.
Branding & strategy
With a branding strategy, we create a strong position in the market enabling your company to attract new and loyal customers, as well as future talents.
Brand development
We develop your brand together with you. We help you interact with customers, introduce new products and convey the functional and emotional values of your brand.
SoMe Marketing
Social Media marketing is all about knowing how to reach, engage and interact with your target markets on chosen media. We build campaigns that reach beyond your imagination.
Art Direction
When you can’t imagine how to convey your image, brand and messages to the market, you need our skilled art direction to take you there. Through visual and communicative design your brand comes alive.
Your website is often the first encounter with stakeholders. We design user friendly websites that support your brand, and we love making the site come alive with text, icons, visuals and SEO.
We develop brand concepts and design packaging for both Danish and international brands. Regardless the category, we develop brands and private labels that move consumers and drive sales.
We create marketing campaigns for use on various media depending on the target audience. A great campaign idea, eye-catching visuals, well-written texts and a well-defined media plan are all success-ingredients.
As with infographics, animations create life on your website and social media. We take you all the way from storyboard, design, animation and sound to implementing and improving your business.
“What’s in a name?” Today, everything - unlike in the Shakespeare era. We create names for companies, services and products. Unique names, that create attention and can be registered.
Print design
In a digital world we create publications for online or print. Sometimes the tactile feeling of a magazine, a coffee table book, an image-brochure, an annual report or even a flyer or a special business card makes you stand out.
Graphic visual presentations of your information, data or product can improve understanding, and with your own unique style of infographics we build brand recognition across your media.